Orange Mountain Music

Orange Mountain Music is a record company that was created to serve the fans, aficionados and academics studying the music of Philip Glass. The idea for this label developed out of a project undertaken by Kurt Munkacsi, producer of many of PG's recordings, and Don Christensen, director of the label since 2001, to catalogue and digitally archive all the master recordings that Philip Glass made over the decades of his creative life.

Over the last 65 years Glass produced hundreds of hours of recordings, composing operas, film scores, chamber music, musical theatre pieces and records. Glass has also recorded many performances of his solo, operatic, orchestral and ensemble work. In the process of archiving all of these master recordings, OMM discovered a wealth of beautiful and unusual recordings and some inspired performances which it started to release to the public in late 2001.

OMM also began to produce recordings by other artists and organizations that have collaborated with Glass over the years. To date OMM has over 150 titles in its catalogue over its 17 years of existence. To date, the catalogue now includes recordings of all of Glass’s symphonies, The Complete Piano Etudes, his String Quartets, dozens of his operas and theater works, and the entirety of his early compositions including multiple recordings of seminal pieces like Einstein on the Beach, Koyaanisqatsi, and Music in 12 Parts.