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Brooklyn Rider - String Quartets Nos.6 & 7

Brooklyn Rider - String Quartets Nos.6 & 7

Brooklyn Rider continues its survey of the Glass quartets with the premiere recordings of String Quartet No.6 (2013) and String Quartet No.7 (2014) as well as Brooklyn Rider’s

Brooklyn Rider - String Quartets Nos.6 & 7Brooklyn Rider - String Quartets Nos.6 & 7

The Complete Piano Etudes - Live in Moscow - Anton Batagov

The Complete Piano Etudes - Live in Moscow - Anton Batagov


The first recording of the Etudes done Live. This time Live in Moscow featuring Russian master Anton Batagov; Release November 10, 2017

The Complete Piano Etudes - Live in Moscow - Anton BatagovThe Complete Piano Etudes - Live in Moscow - Anton Batagov

Philip Glass - The Trial

Philip Glass - The Trial


Premiere recording of Philip Glass’ latest opera The Trial based on Franz Kafka/Music Theatre Wales/Rafferty. Release October 6 ,2017

Philip Glass - The TrialPhilip Glass - The Trial

Partitas for Solo Cello - Matt Haimovitz

Partitas for Solo Cello - Matt Haimovitz


Matt Haimovitz records the world premiere recording of Glass’ Partita No.2 for Solo Cello along with No.1 “Songs & Poems” and more

Partitas for Solo Cello - Matt HaimovitzPartitas for Solo Cello - Matt Haimovitz

LIFE: A Journey Through Time - Resident Orkest/Kuan

LIFE: A Journey Through Time - Resident Orkest/Kuan


The soundtrack to the Glass/Lanting multimedia event

LIFE: A Journey Through Time - Resident Orkest/KuanLIFE: A Journey Through Time - Resident Orkest/Kuan

Aguas da Amazonia - MDR Leipzig/Jarvi

Aguas da Amazonia - MDR Leipzig/Jarvi


A classic percussion piece reimagined for orchestra

Aguas da Amazonia - MDR Leipzig/JarviAguas da Amazonia - MDR Leipzig/Jarvi

Head On

Head On

A digital EP of Philip Glass’ early piano trio

Head On

Glass Bernstein Violin Concertos

Glass Bernstein Violin Concertos


New Album from Capuçon, Davies, and Bruckner Orchester Linz

bbGlass Bernstein Violin Concertos

Philip Glass - Candyman Suite Digital EP

Philip Glass - Candyman Suite Digital EP


Michael Riesman and Chase Spruill perform this 23 minute suite from the cult-classic.


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Orange Mountain Music and Philip Glass are proud to announce the availability of the Orange Mountain Music catalogue exclusively on Apple Music.

Unique to this launch, Apple Music will feature a number of new playlists specifically curated by Glass himself including “Glass Essentials,” “Glass Influences,” featuring music that influenced and continues to inspire the composer, “Glass on Glass,” a hand-selected playlist of some of the composer’s favorite titles from his extensive catalogue, “New Glass,” a playlist of the latest new music and new recordings only digitally available on Apple Music and iTunes (Mastered for iTunes), and a number of new Philip Glass playlists developed by Apple’s team of curators.

On his new relationship with Apple Music, Glass said:

“I couldn’t be happier about this new relationship with Apple Music and its curators. Apple is a forward-looking company, culture, and advocate for creativity, and I’m proud to have Orange Mountain Music start a new collaboration with Apple Music. As a premium music service, Apple Music ushers in a very exciting new way for artists and composers to reach listeners as never before.”

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Glass on Glass
The composer traces his musical autobiography with this handpicked playlist. Whittling down a career as deep and ambitious as Philip Glass’s is a virtually impossible task—unless you’re the composer himself. In this handpicked playlist, Glass traces his musical autobiography with a playlist of pieces that hold particular significance to him. Points of interest include his first minimalist masterpieces and a violin concerto dedicated to his father, along with many of the countless collaborations that have served as the backbone of his creative evolution.

New Glass
His latest works venture into fresh corners of the musical ecosystem. Even after decades of musical exploration, Philip Glass’s latest works continue to venture into fresh corners of the musical ecosystem. On this playlist, the composer handpicks from his most recent releases. Whether pursuing adaptions of classical masterworks, or engaging traditions as diverse as indigenous music and Hollywood film scores, Glass’s mind remains a wellspring of curiosity.

Philip Glass: Influences
The music that fuels the hungry imagination of a modern master. In this playlist, Philip Glass reveals the works that have nourished his endlessly hungry imagination. While Bach shaped Glass’s architectural conception of music, Ravi Shankar helped him unlock the rhythmic possibilities of composition. Whether through the modern jazz innovations of the ‘60s or the visceral rock performances of the ‘70s, Glass has always channeled into his works the mighty musical currents of New York City. His wide-ranging favorites reveal an undiminished taste for all things offbeat and extraordinary.

Philip Glass: Essentials
Minimalist only begins to describe the ever-changing music of one of America's most productive and influential composers. With a foundation in Bach and Mozart, the onetime New York taxi driver was inspired by the rhythms of India to concoct complex, repetitive structures containing myriad harmonic inversions. Landmark works such as "Music in 12 Parts" and "Einstein on the Beach"—as well as innumerable symphonies, concertos, and works for his own group—have made Philip Glass a prolific and omnipresent figure in New York culture.

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» Review in The Guardian UK
"What’s remarkable about the performances by the Cluster Ensemble is that they never seem didactic, and are wonderfully natural and constantly involving musically."

Orange Mountain Music is a record company created to serve the fans, aficionados and academics studying the music of Philip Glass. The idea for this label developed out of a project undertaken by Kurt Munkacsi, (producer of most of PG's recordings and head of Euphorbia productions) and Don Christensen to archive all the master recordings that Philip Glass has made. Over the last 40 some years Philip has produced hundreds of hours of recordings in the process of creating operas, film scores, musical theatre pieces and records. Glass has also recorded many performances of his solo, operatic, orchestral and small ensemble work. In the process of archiving all of these master recordings we have discovered a wealth of beautiful and unusual recordings and some very inspired performances which we plan to bring to the public. We also bring recordings by other artists and organizations that have collaborated with Philip Glass.